Build Profitable Relationships
with Incentives for Real Estate

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What is Teakah?
Powerful tool that brings Realtors closer to Customers!

Send greeting cards to your
partners and clients - build
relationships with home sellers
Collect detailed lead
qualification surveys - need
home shoppers feedback
Distribute important messages
and receive fast responses - need
higher email conversion

With easy-to-use survey templates and customization options, you can use Teakah to offer the rewards and incentives to achieve specific business results

Desired Online Rewards and Incentives

Give your customers, talent, leads and market research participants what they want.
Teakah offers many great rewards including gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Starbucks,
and more popular brands.

Get Answers and Give Rewards in One Place

Create a feedback form or survey using
Teakah's templates or your own custom
Recipients respond to the questions you
provided with their insights and get to
choose a reward.
Track recipient responses and reward
fulfilment in Teakah's campaign